My humble advice to all the recent art grads

May is the time for graduations.

My humble advice to all the recent art grads.

Don't worry about having a style. Your unique way of expression will come to you. It takes time to find it. Don't rush it, let it simmer and develop at its own pace. Besides, style is fluid. You should be changing. You should be experimenting. You should be growing. Don't let a particular way of doing things cement your artistic look for the rest of your life.

Be kind to your fellow classmates and have general integrity to everyone. The path of the artist is non-linear. The person who sat beside you in Drawing I class, may one day become your art director. Or vice versa.

Try not to compete for the sake of "winning." In art, there is no "winning." Either you love what you are doing right now, at the place that you are at, or you don't. Never compare it to your neighbor. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Don't worry about status. As long as the work challenges you, you are happy, and nearby other inspiring artists . . . 

The art journey should never be taken alone. I am here today, because of the family and friends that believed in me. I am here because of the many people who extended their hand to me. I think it's possible to "make it" alone, but it's very lonely at the top.

Just be yourself. The world doesn't need another John Singer Sargent, It needs you. Wouldn't it be amazing if all the people in the world followed their own voice and manifested their dreams? There would be the same number of dreams as there are people.

So go out into the world and claim your place. Be the artist you are meant to be.