ArtSpan, Witches of Wonder, and Indonesia

Acrylic Live Painting on Watercolor Board

Today I was working the booth at Big Umbrella Studios all day for ArtSpan: Open Studios weekend. I got to hang out with my cool friend Mark, meet new artists and art lovers. I had a wonderful film production meeting in the early morning and I even got to paint for myself in the afternoon. It's been a great day!

The rest of this month will be crazy. Both film productions have picked up speed, so I'll be doing a lot of concept art from now on. I also have a group show next week Oct. 14th for Big Umbrella Studios' "Witches of Wonder," alongside the talented Ms. Xiau Fong, Renee, MJ to name a few.
Also, I will be going to Indonesia early November. I'll be sure to take lots of reference photos for more landscape paintings. I've been wondering how to best carry paint supplies on my trip. Any suggestions?