Sorry it's been awhile . . .

Hello dear readers, it's been quite awhile since I posted. I've been working on an awesome film. Busy- but extremely happy. As well as a couple of shows back in June, July, and August. Sorry for the long absence. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my process for a painting I did for July's "Opposites" show at Wonderland SF. I'm an artist that enjoys seeing development and creative process in other artists, so hopefully this gives a bit of useful insight into how I work.

The piece is titled "Grey Terminal." It was done on wood with acrylic and NICKER Poster colour. I usually start out with loose sketches and tighten them up into a quick value study. You can see in the original sketch, I was planning to have some elaborate structure on the left top corner, but I edited this out. I wanted the focus to be on the little hut surrounded by overgrown abandoned industrial mountain.

For this painting, I struggled with the colors in portraying that one minute right before sunrise, I ended up going with a mix of the last two. I liked the purple blue in contrast with the yellow-orange morning light.

The Final painting: ":Grey Terminal"

I hope to be posting more often from now on. I'll be at APE Oct.1 & 2nd at booth #532. I also have a couple of new paintings to show at Big Umbrella Studios for the October 8th show.

Thanks for reading!