Wonderland SF Tonight: "Opposites"

"Grove of the Machinae" acrylic on wood panel 11.25"x10"
Have you ever looked inside the engine of a car? Or dissected an animal? Or counted the rings of a tree? There is patterned chaos and planned geometry in both man-made objects and cities as there is to nature.

"A Stroll Through Hyde Park" acrylic on wood panel 11.25"x24"

When I was painting this piece, a song by my favorite band Autumns came up: "A Suicide at Strell Park." I thought it would be fun to do a play off the sound patterns in the title while maintaining the confrontation between two "opposing" beings in the same environment.

For the style, I was inspired by my friend James Ganyan Garcia, who can ring color and brush stroke so beautifully. I decided to paint looser and attempted to hit color and value without dabbling. The effect on my style is very interesting, almost becomes "impressionistic fantasy."

right corner closeup of "A Stroll Through Hyde Park"

close up. i love robots ans trees.

"Grey Terminal" acrylic and NICKER Poster paint on wood panel. 11.25" x20"
The concept behind this was from phrase, "the sun rises equally on our tomorrow, even upon our sorrows." OP fans probably know this quote.

I wanted to capture the moment, the 1 second at the start of sunrise, just a strip of light, before everything is illuminated. Where dark and light meet, old and new.

wall mural. I've been up for more than 36 hours by this point. It was a very long day, but I had fun painting alongside Xiau-Fong.

The artists for Wonderland SF's "Opposites" were asked to paint on the walls. What would a picture look like when the image extends beyond the given canvas? I wanted the object in the image to be viewed differently when it is outside of the canvas. The overlooking rundown architectural structure in the painting becomes a moving machinae jellyfish. I believe that cities, albeit geometrical, has a life, mimicking the chaos and organic patterns also found in nature.

I'll be debuting these new series of paintings at Wonderland SF's "Opposites" opening reception this Wednesday, July 20th 6-10pm at 2929 24th St., SF 94110. (415) 641-4600

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