Heart Owls in the Month of February as Winter Turns to Spring

Heart Owls in the Month of February as Winter Turns to Spring. 9"x12" Poster Paint and Gouache.

I did a sketch of the above during Big Umbrella Studios' Wednesday's Drink and Draw and decided to try a different style and color palette than what I'm used to. As winter blues turn into spring greens, I limited my palette to the cool blue-green range as opposed to the warmth of summer hues. It was a challenge to control saturation by tinting. I found that using titanium white gouache rather than poster colour white made for better paint consistency. Part of the learning was to group the values closer to the higher end of the spectrum and reserve the darkest values for the foreground tree while keeping clean textures by using only flat brushes.

This piece is donated to the Benefit Auction for Buena Vista Elementary School at 111 Minna next Friday, March 18th. Please help the kids, by supporting the schools and administrations that nurture them. For details, click here. Or the Facebook Event, here.