Swamp Treehouse Painting

Last weekend, my Swamp Treehouse original gouache painting was showcased at The Mezzanine. I was surprised to find a folded napkin stuffed to the side of it. At first I though someone had defiled my work. There were people surrounding the work thorough the night, so I couldn't get to it to take the napkin down. Imagine my surprise and embarrassment, when I finally removed the napkin and read the words, "SOLD."

I have very fond memories and a deep attachment to this painting. This painting says, "Despite all that is lost, there can still be something magical."

Having to abandon my dreams of art at an early age, it is often very hard for me to let go of a painting unless I know it will be cared for. After meeting the buyer in person, I sincerely felt a connection. My painting was calling out to her! I'm very happy to have found the perfect home for my Swamp Treehouse painting.