QS #02: Experimental Poster Paint

Two weeks ago, I asked my friend Yoko to send me poster paint from Japan. It is the kind that animation studios like Studio Ghibli use for their 2d background paintings. The quick study above was my first experimental painting with the new medium. It is very fickle and does not blend well. My lack of training in it also created challenges in paint handling, control, and opacity. But it also produces subtle transparent and brilliant colors. I hate it and I love it. I will struggle with it, until I understand it.

The piece above was done with the following colors: mauve, burnt sienna, raw umber, olive green, viridian, and cerulean. I have 30 more colors in the box set to experiment with.

At some point when I was 4 or 5 I lived in Indonesia. I remember cold early mornings, spinach, rice paddies, dunes of greenery, and dirt road leading up to a small snack shop. I'm sure that road is gone by now. My old house is probably buried under a multi-floor shopping center district. The piece above is a bittersweet memory of a place that can only exist in a long forgotten past, like the skipping of a broken record playing in my mind.