SF Zine Fest 2010

This past weekend we were at the San Francisco Zine Festival. Thank you Francois, Rick, and the rest of the organizers for putting on such a successful show. After more than six months of planning, meetings, and fundraisers, the exhibitors and guests enjoyed a fun-filled weekend of independent comics, DIY art, and free workshops to celebrate art and artists of all background and mediums. We sold out of our new Naricorn t-shirt designs and most of our line of illustration glicee prints. It was great to meet and talk with fellow artists and be inspired. We always feel so welcomed there. If you have never been, you should definitely check it out. If you have and if you loved it, you should consider volunteering for next year. www.sfzinefest.com

While Rick was being interviewed by a journalist, I was happily painting the little piece above. I couldn't think of anything for the 1 hr. live painting, so I wanted to do further color and value studies of a mushroom field. I started off with 20% warm grey marker to get the overall rhythm, then used a Staedtler 0.7 liner and black sharpie for the line drawing, and acrylic for the color.

Thanks for coming out to support us! Glad to be continually inspired by other artists and friends. I even got to see my hero, Joko. Thanks everyone!