Alien/ation: an Art Riot Extravaganza - July 10th!

I've been juggling freelance work, my personal portfolio, and our upcoming gallery show July 10th. I was doing more of the event organizing than creating that I almost neglected my paintings. Thanks Rick, for the good kick in the pants.

Here's a little sneak peek that I'll be showcasing July 10th. Acrylics. 9x16.5". It's a bit more experimental that what I'm used to.

It's exploring the idea of alien/ation within the context of departure and arrival. One of my early memories is of a bright airport hangar and my extended family were by the big window, their faces were blurred by the shadows casted from the planes outside. I couldn't really see their faces, but I now remember them crying. I was too little to understand the full extent of the picture, the immensity of "leaving" a place and not being able to see these family members ever again. And I realize that if I were to visit now, that place, those people, everything I had captured in my mind, is different, it's gone.

Hope you can see the work in person and I can answer any questions during the artists' reception at our show. Our pieces are up on the gallery as of yesterday. Thanks Chris at SPACE Gallery! (1141 Polk Street, SF). For more information about the gallery, please visit our official Hyphen webpage here

and RSVP on our Facebook page here.

We look forward to seeing you July 10th!