Featuring Zaion, Shing02, & Lavit Sea

We're very excited to have Zaion on board as our DJ. He is an awesome musician, DJ, and producer. He is a world traveler and therefore incorporates the different sounds and spaces into his mixes. He has a great sensitivity to transitions and beats. He recently worked on a collaboration with Shing02 and Lavit Sea on Organ Trip. Shing02 is a well-known rapper/musician in Japan/Oakland/and LA. Followers may be introduced to his work from the opening of Samurai Champloo; he's a tremendously noteable MC/rapper-songwriter/a-capella in the US and abroad. You can check out more here.

Lavit Sea, who was one of the art contributors for Organ Feat, recently also did Shing02's CD cover. His insights, subject matter, and mediums have a very ethereal quality to them. They are beautiful, honest, and engaging. He is also one of the featured artists for our "Out of Place" March 12th Gallery Show.

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by creatively talented people! I hope you can come out March 12th to SPACE Gallery, 1141 Polk St. SF at 8pm! It'll be a non-stop powerhouse show.

If you have Facebook, you can RSVP here.