Animation on Display recap!

Animation on Display was surprisingly successful. Despite our booth being a lot different than most commission-base manga/ anime style characters, we were positively received. On the first day, we had the challenge of setting up in a new space. Rick's work and mine differ so greatly in style, we had to think about what would be most complementary. We made the mistake of displaying the puppet on its side, so it largely blended behind all of our work. So the next day we faced him forward and it definitely made a difference in the number of interested parties. Funny I just noticed that in the picture below, Rick's shirt color matches the puppet.

Second Day
First day

Although, we were still very profitable, it was difficult to secure sales. Many people stopped by, but as soon as we said hello, they would run away. They also gravitated towards mainstream anime images: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece . . .

I also concluded that most anime-type conventions are mainly for cosplay, not so much to buy merch, especially of non-recognizable characters. People kept wanting to hire me to do $3 drawings of Naruto and such. I do have a strong principle in terms of infringing on copyrighted materials. I highly encourage commission work, but only if 1) it is original art 2.) the artist is paid their respected dues, at market value. Granted we were among "students" and "hobbyist," but it's a disservice to the artist to be paid $3 to produce 1) one of a kind 2) original 3) rush job 4) client dictated art. I hope our neighbors will raise their prices next year, they deserve it.

All in all, it was fun to table with Rick, meet some good contacts, cool people, and make some money off our art, be able to pay rent, people watch, and relax for the first time in ages. Thank you to everyone who supported us! If you missed our show, you can follow our hour by hour live blog or buy prints and ties from our etsy store. Thanks again.