The Minotaur and Ferry to the Underworld

The Minotaur - I have always been disturbed by the story of the Minotaur. In many illustrations, he is often portrayed as a powerful raging monster holding battle weapons, mainly axes, but I wanted to focus more on his solitude and imprisonment. The Myth, in brief, is that King Minos, refused to give up a prized white bull to Poseidon, so Poseidon made the Queen fall in love with the bull and she conceived the Minotaur. Out of shame at his "son's" grotesque figure and his own failure to the gods, the King imprisons the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. The myth's theme is ultimately about punishment for disobedience to the gods, but at the price of many innocent sacrifices. They end up feeding sacrificial children to the minotaur- as if one's "sin" begets exponential monstrosity. To me, most people overlook the many innocent sacrifices: the poor queen, the minotaur, the children, all due to the conscious mistake of one man.

The myth is full of power, secrecy, and silencing of a being's existence - essentially, the minotaur is a very sad, doomed character. In the piece above I wanted to play with storytelling aspect and design of light and shadow pattern.

In "ferry to the underworld," I wanted to focus on simplicity of design and mood with color. I reduced the architecture of the buildings and the ship to their essential silhouette shapes. This piece was done with prussian watercolor on Fabriano paper.