Welcome to the Ark

I recently found an artist whose's work I have always admired, but I didn't know his name until now. When I found his book, it was like meeting an old friend. I am a Hugh Ferriss fan. He was an architect and a draftsperson who did technical illustrations and renderings. Although he didn't design any notable buildings in his lifetime, his style and subject matter continues to influence popular culture today, especially in films such as Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Batman's Gotham City, Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. His buildings are often lit from below, against a dark moody sky, with the nostalgic look of 1920s grainy film. I really admire his work and the time era of his art deco architectures.

My piece above is in the spirit of Hugh Ferriss, it was done with graphite on 11"x14" xerox paper.