Looking for Noah

value study #1 added 10/13

I've been really inspired by noir and art deco architecture lately. The hardboiled detective in close pursuit to unraveling the greatest mysteries. I remember that in 8th grade, I received a birthday present from a friend, it was the complete volume of all the Sherlock Holmes stories. As a "grown-up," I've now added more to my reading list: The Third Man, Maltese Falcon, and Do Adroids Dream of Electric Sheep. Thank god I never grew out of it.

This piece was inspired by Blacksad, a comic album series created by author Juan Diaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guardino. I highly respect Guardino's watercolor and environment drawings.

I'm debating between watercolor, gouache, or digital for color. I really like how the facial expressions came out on the different characters.