Some more IP work. I personally like seeing artist's in-progress work along with the final. I think it shows how they think and that they are, indeed, human. I also think that showing IP makes an artist vulnerable . . . but I'll chance it anyway. The other week, I overheard a student-artist said, "this is way back when, when art was fun." It bothers me that when people become academic/artist or professional/artist , not all, but most often, results and finished paintings become the end goal.

I think in the end, art is about training the eye to see, training the hand to convey the image within the mind. Growth and progress should be fun. Learning something new, seeing something in a new light, should be fun.

So I'll be posting more "stages" of my work along with the final. Whether I keep some parts, or change some, each stage during the journey from concept to final, too, in their own right, have a breath of voice.