Lessons in Life and Art

This semester I have learned some key important lessons regarding life and art. Although these lessons have already came up for me in the past, it's good to be reminded.

1.) Don't ever allow other people to determine the value or direction of your art. Only you have the power to ultimately do so.

2.) All good artwork starts with the initial inspiring idea and good composition.

3.) There are those who use the medium to its full advantage to enhance the concept. There are those who use tricks and spectacle. Fully commit to the truth of your idea.

4.) When you like someone's artwork. Say it. You may never know if that artist was hanging on the threshold of self-defeat and your encouragement could have saved them.

5.) Don't just sit on the fence. Dwelve deep into your art. Commit.

6.) Always have your next personal art project lined up, continual ask "what's next?"

With that in mind, I am super excited for summer and fall.

Rick recently introduced me to Nathan Fowkes' Art I feel the breath of his landscape paintings and I appreciate how they inhabit this inbetween space of animation, illustration, and fine arts. This semester I was fighting against the super realism camp that is expected in my school and it's such a relief to find other artists who inhabit their own space. I look forward to using gouache as an experimental landscape medium. I also look forward to visiting the giraffes at the local zoo as I have not sketched animals since last summer.

In the Fall, I will be taking:

Adv. Perspective
Layout Design
Inspirational Art
Animal Drawing

I am running out of money and time at the Academy. I would be happy to leave if at least I can take these last few classes. I heard I might have either Jason Newhouse or Nicholas Villareal for a class. Both are superb and they, too, inhabit their own worlds. I'm grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring artists.