50 Minute Speedpainting Battles

Over the weekend, I was asked to participate in 50-min speedpainting battles. There were some incredible artist turnouts: Patrick McEvoy, Chris Malidore, Preston Stone, Will O'Brien to name a few. We were given specific topics and a 50-minute time constraint. I had a great time working with interesting styles, different subject matters, and being inspired by other artists and their processes. In my speed paints and in almost every art I make, I prioritize storytelling and mood above painting technique or style. I believe as long as you have a good story to tell, it can be told with just a few lines or shapes.

A Surprise Catch
The Meeting

Speedpaint Exercise in Color & Value

Color Scripting Process

An insight into my process for color scripting as an art director. Camera angles, perspectives, color, and lighting must support the storytelling. When in doubt, pinpoint mood, then go for color & lighting. Try different color combinations in your early trial and experimentation stages, you never know and might be surprised by new and interesting combinations.

Fishing Trip

[WIP] "Fishing"

This piece is a tribute to my Dad, who took me on fishing trips when I was little. 


30 minute spitpaint "The King's Ghost" - experimenting with new styles and approaches

Girl of a Thousand Cranes

Commissioned piece of Sadako Sasaki, girl of a thousand cranes.

Acrylique on Fabriano.

“I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.” - Sadako Sasaki

"Hello . . . "

I was inspired by alleyways in Europe and wanted to portray old brick structures and overhanging vines. Going back to my traditional painting roots, I've been experimenting with brushes and color palettes that captures the handmade feel.